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Welcome to Experia Corporate Finance Advisors

Experia aim to provide intelligent, value-creating financial advice in the fields of Mergers & Acquisitions, Fundraising  and Expert Advisory Services.

We are a partner-owned, independent advisor, buying and selling businesses all over the world, oftentimes with one leg in the Nordic countries. As a member of Mergers Alliance, we have 18 global affiliates in 25 countries, with 200+ professionals who since the start of 2010 has completed over 1200 deals, in 30 countries worldwide with an aggregate value of over US$58 billion.

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We are equally happy to work with you on the sell side as on the buy side in transactions where majority shareholdings or material company assets change hands.

When selling a company, it is imperative to create a competitive situation where several highly motivated parties put their best foot forward to win the target. This is a prerequisite for the sellers to rest assured that the optimal value has been achieved and this is when a skilled and experienced advisor – like Experia – really can make a difference. This requires an advisor with the necessary network in the relevant sector that can act fast. We have, and we can.


Our sector focus is derived from our experience, competencies and network:

  • Healthcare & Life Science

  • Technology & IT

  • GreenTech, Energy & Fuels

  • Automotives & Transportation

In each of these areas, we have the necessary industrial insights, long-standing transaction experience and far-reaching international networks including financial as well as industrial contacts. Our partnership in Mergers Alliance is one of many instruments we employ to extend our reach in all corners of the world.

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